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Welcome to Patten's Martial Arts

Patten’s Martial Arts has been owned and operated by Jason and Angie Patten since 1995. We believe that practicing martial arts can benefit anyone and we are dedicated to teaching martial arts for the purpose of self-improvement. Our goal is to help each student to fulfill their personal needs in order to be successful in our program and in life.

How To Try Our Program

We encourage everyone to try out our program by offering a free month of classes with a free uniform. This is a great way to find out what it is about. If you would like to try our classes, contact us or simply stop in - you do not have to make an appointment or call ahead. Look at our training schedule, arrive 10 minutes early to any of our children’s white belt classes (ages 4-12) or any adult class (ages 13 &up) and you can get started!

April Belt Testers

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Congratulations to all of our students who earned new belts this month! Keep up the hard work and stay focused on your next goal. You are doing a great job!

Robbie McCoy

Sophani Gauniyal

Melanie Alvarez

Cassi Dayton
Haley Dayton
Tasha Dayton
Grace Pizzimenti
Connor Stanford
John Paul Pizzimenti
Nicholas Pizzimenti

JT James
Chloe Plomaritis
Sophie Plomaritis
Kathryn Taylor

Livia Staverman

Nathan Burch
Nicholas Gatsos
Gavin thrun

Justin Faulhaber
David Ivanof
Cody Shiverski
Gavin Troyer
Huck Troyer

Mitchell Flaig
Gigi Marasco
Audrey Phillips

Martial Arts is not a sport, but a way of life.